We provide an environmentally responsible solution to the recycling of e-waste. We maintain a policy that hazardous e-waste should remain from landfills and should be contained in an environmentally safe procedure. We continually strive for the most economical and efficient ways of disposing of all e-waste. Recycle Solutions is committed to this idea. “A Brighter Idea In Recycling.”

We are dedicated to secure data sanitation. ALL data that enters our facility is eradicated with an ‘Advanced Complex’ method. Keeping information for you, your business, your clients, and your patients, safe from being exposed or used is a must.

The fact that 70% to 90% of all energy that is consumed by an electronic is in the manufacturing process, means that re-purposing these items to extend the life of them only makes sense. That’s another portion of what we do, we try to get a second life out of every item that we can. All other ‘end of life’ e-waste is processed and the materials will be reused at some point for new product. Like next year’s must-have tablet, or even that accessory for your new car.

We have Brighter Ideas for the proper disposal of e-waste and a commitment to a clean environment.

By the way, whenever you purchase one of our refurbished PCs or other components we request that at whatever point you are no longer able to use it that you return it to us for end of life processing.