Recycling Services

Recycle Solutions is a full service facility.  We aim to provide fast and reliable services to all businesses.

Surplus _ Asset Recovery _ Purchasing

Recycle Solutions knows that most companies can take a substantial loss when it comes to upgrading their systems. We would like to help in that department by potentially purchasing or relocating your used assets, not all computers,servers and phone systems are bad they are just a little out of date or the warranty has expired. Our asset recovery department honors all Federal and State contracts for profit sharing and redistribution of funds. Feel free to call or email with a detailed description of items and we can promptly propose an offer for your items.

Secure Data Destruction

Hard drives, data tapes, and other types of media are cleaned and all data is securely destroyed using Department of Defense standards.  If your needs demand it, we can actually physically destroy your hard drive making sure that all of your sensitive data is completely un-recoverable.

Pick-Up of Recyclable Electronics

Recycle Solutions picks-up your electronics items free of charge for businesses.  Call 801-590-8847 or click here to schedule a pick-up.

Resale & Refurbish

Visit our location at 563 W. Gordon Ave. Layton Ut.  for used / refurbished electronics items. Recycle Solutions does not sell items like hard drives, cell phones, tapes, or any other types of media. We do offer some PC and laptop repairs. We might even save you a few bucks.

Schedule a Commercial Pick-Up