What is an End Processor?
An end-processor is a certified entity which takes processed ewaste and is able to refine the material to remove precious metals and other components which can be recycled.

What is Ewaste?
Ewaste is the name often used to describe obsolete or non-functioning electronics devices which have been discarded or are no longer being used.

What Happens to the Data on My Computer?
Recycle Solutions takes the security of your data, as well as your privacy very seriously. Every data storage device which we receive is wiped using DOD standards. The data on the drive is overwritten several times so that the original data is not recoverable.

What Happens to the Stuff that I Bring You?
Recycle Solutions follows the philosophy of ReUse, Demanufacture, and Recycle. All equipment which comes into our facility is evaluated. That equipment which still has usable life is refurbished and reset to factory original settings. Anything that can not be reused is demanufactured, broken down into individual components. These components are then separated into different categories of recyclable material and sent to the appropriate CERTIFIED end processor for recycling and reclamation.